San Bernardino de Siena, an architectural jewel of Valladolid

Actualizado: 9 de abr de 2020

The Sisal neighborhood is one of the most popular destinations among tourists in our city. Its colorful colonial streets, Calzada de los Frailes and Sisal Park are the place to shop, eat and people watch in Valladolid Yucatan.

Within this neighborhood is one of the most impressive attractions in Valladolid: The Convent of San Bernardino de Siena.

According to the information provided by the National Institute of Archeology and History (INAH), the temple and former convent of San Bernardino de Valladolid, is one of the oldest and most important colonial buildings in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Artistic representation of a Franciscan convent during Colonial times

The Convent of San Bernardino has a simple style, based on the precepts of the Franciscan friars that founded it back in 1552. It is the second biggest convent in the Yucatan, just after the convent founded by the Franciscans in the neighboring town of Izamal.

The outside of the building has a remarkable lack of ornaments, with the symbol of the Franciscans and the year of finalization with roman numerals as the only external decorations. Inside, the shrine is decorated with lots of color and gold foil everywhere, with elements of the baroque style.

The convent grounds were: the church, the chapel, the convent, the atrium and the garden. The garden was of particular importance and the convent had access to its own noria, on top of a cenote to guarantee access to clean water to the convent population.

View of the San Bernardino Church at the beginning of the 20th Century

The convent also had a very important role during the Caste War of Yucatan, in which the Mayans rose to fight against injustice and exploitation. The Convent was not damaged during this war, but rumor has it many bodies of Mayan revolutionaries were thrown in the cenote below the convent.

San Bernardino Convent, an ideal setting for gorgeous photographs.

If you are a local or a visitor, you cannot miss visiting the colorful interior of this impressive building, even now walking through its corridors brings you back in time in a really peaceful environment.

You do not need to be a history buff to enjoy this attraction. This location has been chosen for its beauty and majesty by fashion magazines, artists, models and influencers for photo and video sessions.

If you are visiting Valladolid, do not miss the opportunity to spend some time in the ex-convent. Also waling around the Sisal neighborhood, one of the oldest and most photographed areas in Valladolid.

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