September: the month to prepare your Mexican Will

Actualizado: 9 de abr de 2020

September is the month to celebrate the Mexican Independence festivities, which fill the streets of Valladolid with joy and color. But it is also essential to know that September is the month to make our Testament!

If you are a foreigner living in Mexico, it is essential to know that Mexican assets have to be in a Mexican will. A Testament will allow your family to safeguard your Mexican properties and belongings.

Testament Month in Yucatan: What is it?

A will is a necessary document to take care of family assets. When a person dies without a will, surviving family members have to spend time, money, and effort on long legal processes to get control of any properties or belongings left behind.

During September, the state government eliminates the payment of rights, and this allows to lower prices by up to 50%. A considerable discount!

September month of the Testament in Yucatan: How much does it cost?

With the discounts applied during September, the price of the will is around 1800 pesos. There is an additional discount for people with disabilities or people over 65: only 1500 pesos!

But I have no money! How will I spend on a Testament?

Do I need a Mexican will if I own property in Mexico?

The Yucatan government offers the option for people without resources: the holográfico testament. This document is done by hand, and it is free during September.

If you think that there is a difference between the Testament before a notary and the handwritten one, you are wrong! Both have the same validity at a court of law.

I’m interested in making a handwritten Testament, what do I need to do?

1. Go to the State Notarial Archive and request the support guide to carry out the Testament.

2. Write the Testament by hand. (2 originals)

3. Write the date and signature on both copies of the will.

4. Pay the corresponding fee in the collection boxes of the Yucatan Fiscal Administration Agency.

5. Collect your Testament.


1.-Being capable of expressing your will

2.-18 years old or older

3. Write the Testament in Spanish: it is necessary to know how to read and write in Spanish

4. Write two copies of the will by hand

5. Present birth certificate, copy of voter card or other photo identification, and copy of the CURP.

6. Payment of the right in the collection boxes of the Fiscal Administration Agency of Yucatan.

Forming an estate is essential, and knowing with certainty that your properties will go to your favorite people should be a priority.

Without a will, your family will need to go to court and have a lengthy trial to get any assets you might have left.

Even if talking about a will makes you nervous, having a will is the only way to make sure your property will end in the right hands!

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